Arrow Global

Founded in 2005, Arrow Global is a regulated FTSE-listed business that uses sophisticated analytics to identify, acquire and manage defaulted credit portfolios, primarily from banks and other financial institutions, such as credit card companies.

Arrow Global operates in five main European geographies (UK, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and France) and is the owner of a number of leading businesses.

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As well as operating the Arrow Global brand, Capquest is also part of the Group in the UK.


Founded in 1985, Capquest is a credit solutions provider with over 30 years of market experience. Clients include leading banks and high street lenders, credit card companies, motor finance and utilities providers, as well as other consumer credit providers.

With offices in Farnborough and Glasgow, it services Arrow Global as well as third party accounts using a market leading customer services platform.

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Founded in 2007, Whitestar is a full service, integrated credit servicing specialist which offers advisory, real estate management, securitisation and structuring, analytics, and related loan portfolio investment services.

Whitestar Asset Solutions, S.A. is a leading Portuguese servicer and the only ‘one stop shop’ able to offer a complete and integrated asset management solution to investors and originators.

Currently, the company has circa 500 employees, in offices in Lisbon and Porto.

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Netherlands and Belgium

Vesting Finance

Founded in 1996, Vesting Finance is a financial servicing provider which offers primary and special servicing, including recovery, for financial institutions and equity investors. It manages performing, sub-performing and non-performing portfolios of consumer credit, residential mortgages, SME and CRE.

Vesting Finance also offers a full range of credit management services, from acceptance to billing and from receivable management to pre and judicial collection for mid and corporate clients across a variety of industries such as rental, telco, utility and pension administrators.

The Belgian business mainly services mid and corporate clients in the telco, energy, medical and financial industry.

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Founded in 2005, Focum is a consumer marketing and credit information specialist which offers a variety of solutions in the area of marketing, data management, credit risk and collections management. Focum helps companies maximize their customer relationships.

Services range from credit ratings and fraud prevention to customer targeting and marketing intelligence. Clients include (online) retailers, utilities providers, telco, fundraisers and collection agencies.

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